Technical Resources

  • Mizal Uno S5 Milling MachineMizal Uno S5 Milling Machine
  • Grazian Turner SAG 210 1.5m E.P.Grazian Turner SAG 210 1.5m E.P.
  • ReamerReamer
  • Vertical sawingVertical sawing
  • Saw 200mmSaw 200mm
  • MIG WelderMIG Welder
  • TUG 40 1m E.P. TurnerTUG 40 1m E.P. Turner
  • FML 2m E.P. TurnerFML 2m E.P. Turner
  • Seesaw 16 TSeesaw 16 T
  • EFI Vertical drillerEFI Vertical driller
  • Welding Points 6mmWelding Points 6mm

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